ROOMVENT2020 Virtual Conference - Starting on February 15th, 2021

Instructions for RoomVent2020 Conference registered participants

Program of live events and ceremonies of RoomVent 2020. All other presentations will be available from February 15th to March 15th.

RoomVent 2020 is a remote Conference that all registered participants may access from February 15 to March 15, 2021. The Conference time is one month. Here you will find some information about its organization:

The Conference website will be opened on February 15, at 9 am UTC+1 (Central European Time), and will remain open until March 15, at 12 pm UTC+1 (end of the Conference).

The Opening Ceremony (OC) will be broadcasted on February 15 at 2 pm UTC+1.

The three Keynote Speeches (KS) and the two Workshops (WS), marked in green in the Table above, will be broadcasted “live” during the first three Conference days. This means that you should connect to the Conference Website at the right CET time to watch the online events and ask questions through the Questions & Answers Chat. These questions will be answered “live” in the last 15’ of each event.

You may find info about the Keynote Speeches at

You may find info about the Workshops at

Should you miss a live event, you may still watch it later because it will be recorded and made available. You will still be able to put questions, but these will be answered offline. There will be no closing Ceremony. However, you will find on the website a farewell clip to the next RoomVent Conference, which will take place in 2022 in the Chinese city of Xi’an, the city of the famous Terracotta army. This clip may be accessed at any time during the Conference time.

The presentations of the peer reviewed articles have been grouped into 15 Sessions, each one corresponding to one or more specific Conference topics. Sessions including a large number of articles have been subdivided into two or three sub-sessions. Each Session (or sub-session) is introduced by a Session overview presented by a discussant, replacing the traditional “chair” of a physical meeting.

You may access all presentations in the various Sessions at anytime from the Conference start until the end of the Conference. You may ask questions to every presenter using the Questions & Answers Chat at any moment during the Conference time. Presenters are expected to answer to all questions before the end of the Conference.

In addition, you will be able to download the Conference Proceedings through the Conftool system of the conference.

We hope you will have a wonderful and productive experience!

The Chair of RoomVent2020 Conference and the Organizing Committee


What do I need to attend ROOMVENT2020 virtual conference?

To attend the virtual conference, you need a good internet connection, your device or computer, and a valid registration.

When will I receive the login details?

If you have registered before February 10th you will receive login details a few days prior to the conference. If you have registered after February 10th it can take some days and we cannot assure you will receive your login details in time for the live sessions.

Can I share my login details?

No, your login details are personal and cannot be used by more than one person.

There will be live contents?

Yes. On the first 3 days of the Conference you will have the opportunity to follow live the keynote speakers presentation and to ask them live questions. Also the Workshop on Covid-19 will be broadcasted live. But if you cannot follow them live you can watch them later on-demand.

When can I watch the videos?

The videos will be available from February 15th to March 15th, 2021.

How can I ask questions to the Authors?

Under each video there is the possibility to post a question or a comment. The author will then reply.

I have not received any confirmation for my registration

Please write a mail to

Will I receive a Certificate of Attendance?

Yes, you can download it from your reserved area (the same you have used for your registration)